Setting Choices

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Upcoming settings will always be determined one game in advance. The first three games will be prepared in advance of the first game and so are not malleable, but after that, it’s player’s choice. At the end of each game, you may submit a vote for the setting of the game-after-next. For the first three votes I encourage you to vote for multiple settings so that I can get a feel for what settings people find interesting, but after that you may vote for the same setting as many times as you wish. All previous votes remain on record until a) you ask for one or more of your votes to be wiped, or b) we play a game in that setting.

Write-in settings are absolutely encouraged. If you suggest a setting that sounds fun, even if it’s of your own devising, I’ll add it to this list and other players can start voting for it. I do expect that after we play through about 5 settings, we’ll start to want to repeat old ones, but we can play in new settings for as long as people want that to happen.

Your choices include but are not limitted to:
Kingdom Come
Urban Fantasy
Phoenix Agenda

Here’s an example of voting, to help make that more clear. There are four players, A, B, C and D. After the first and second games, they vote:

A – Supers B – Vampire C – Vampire D – KC
A – Vampire B – KC C – Urban D – Godforged

The pool looks like this: S VVV KK U G

At this point, Game 4 is declared to be a Vampire game. You may vote for Vampire again if you like, but Game 5 is guaranteed to not be Vampire. After game 3, the votes are:

A – KC B – Urban C – Godforged D – Vampire

Previous Vampire votes are cleared and the pool is now like this: S V KKK UU GG, so game 5 is declared to be Kingdom Come. After game 4, the votes say:

A – Supers B – Vampire C – Supers
& Cancels an Urban Fantasy vote.
D – Godforged

The pool says: SSS VV U GGG and I cast the tiebreaking vote for game 6.

Setting Choices

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