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I have developed the following rules in the spirit of Fate’s simplicity and with inspiration from Exemplar’s powerful gear rules. I have been able to build an incredibly large number of spells across several settings already and I expect that we should be able to make this work with only minor variations, such as the Super’s rule which removes the element chance from your abilities. (See each individual setting for variations in play.)

Knowing a spell blueprint costs 1 Stunt. Build it from the features below, as per the following rules:

  • Difficulty for the spell is usually 1 per feature. Exceptions will be noted.
  • Effects represent the intent of the spell and cannot be altered from your blueprint.
  • Roll Will vs the Difficulty. Shifts may be used to add Modifiers at half effectiveness.
  • You may continue casting on successive turns (up to Physique times), and add the results.
  • When you are done, succeed or fail, you gain 1 point of Fatigue (a stress track based on Lore).
  • On failure, the caster/target/environment gains an Aspect which enemies can use once for free.
Scope: Area Cluster, Zone, Neighbourhood, City.
Duration Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, generations, lifetimes, permanent.
Range Near, Zone, Neighbourhood, City, Territory, Continent, World.
Durability (.5) Adds a stress box. Starts at 0.
Power (.5) The difficulty to attack or evade the spell. Starts at 0.
Level (.5) Any other skills or amounts associated with the spell, eg for buffs. Tied to an Effect and starts at 2.
Form: Selective Includes or Excludes a type of target. Examples: Goblins, mages, allies, weapons.
Surefire Adds the aspect “Surefire” which is free to tag if the spell would otherwise miss.
Zone (0) The spell is cast on a location, not a target.
Behaviour: Affects Special eg Dead, Hidden, Extra-Planar, etc.
Delayed Choose to delay the spell’s effect up to: Minutes, days, years, forever. Specify either an amount of time or a simple condition for the cast; if the Delay period ends without it occurring, the spell fails.
Interruptible The spell will not fail if preparation pauses.
Maintainable Continues the connection to the spell for any number of rounds, but adds the Aspect “Concentrating” to the caster. Enemies get a number of free tags equal to the number of spells the caster is maintaining. Duration kicks in when the Maintain is ended. This also lets you alter the effects of a continuing spell, such as changing a blast’s target, or which trait is buffed, or retaining control of conjurations.
Switchable Can be turned on and off at will by the target (or caster, for zones) for the spell’s duration.
Transferable The target(s) of the spell can change, via some simple rule.
Triggered Spell is distilled into its simplest, unchangeable form. This means that it can be set to trigger by some simple method. Similar to delayed, but permanent and repeatable. This is used in making certain magic items.
Alteration Conceal Hide from a single sense (sight, Arcana).
Density Change density between: incorporeal, partially incorporeal, corporeal, extra dense, dense as steel.
Size May grow or shrink a step away from the target’s Size.
Shape May change shape, however note that you will have to pair with Size to also change size, Flight to actually use wings, et cetera.
Teleport Instantly move the target to a new location.
Transmute Lets you change the materials within an object.
Conjuration Banish Sends away Extraplanar targets.
Golem Acts as a solid Illusion of a creature. Each level gives 1 Rank, as described in the Bestiary
Illusion Projects an illusion to characters vs Perception. Includes sight and sound. It cannot perform complex actions. When casting, specify a brief set of instructions (a few sentences at most) for the magic to give to the creature.
Light Source Casts a simple light.
Create Object Acts as a solid Illusion of an item. Complexity is 10, plus 5 for each level after 1.
Summon Forces a creature, with Level or lower in both Will and Rank (see the Bestiary), to appear in the circle. The creature is not necessarily either cooperative or restricted to the circle.
Control Environment Cause or diminish natural weather phenomenon. Take twice to effect large events like a tornado.
Alter Object Add Effect or skill to an object. ex) Seal a box, must roll Trickery vs Degree (Skill) to open
Puppet Control or read mind of creature. vs Will.
Toolkit Perform a mundane task without regular tools. Ex) start a fire, patch a wound.
Telekinesis Perform mundane tasks with your mind instead of your hands.
Enhancement Aptitude Enhance the target’s skill in a particular area. Define via Level.
Assist Allows the target to ignore a hindrance
Focus Grant the target a Magic Point, to the maximum of their Potential.
Imbue Increase the damage rating of the target
Prepare Place an appropriate helpful Aspect on a target, such as “alert”. Take twice for a free tag.
Senses Add an extra sense to the target, ex) Life, Arcana, Heat
Train (2) Grants use of a Stunt
Health Heal Remove Injuries or reduce physical Consequences. vs Severity.
Life Support Removes the need for normally necessary function. ex) breathing, water, food, addiction, aging
Psychiatry Healing, but for mental stress and mental or casting Consequences.
Reprieve Prevents the invocation of a Consequence or Aspect for a time
Hindrance Calibrate Place an appropriate hindering Aspect on a target, such as “confused”. Take twice for a free tag.
Cripple Reduce the target’s skill in a particular area.
Damage The spell directly causes damage. Increase the cost to allow it to pierce Armour of the same type (Physical or Magical) as the attack. Must be purchased directly, not through Level. vs Athletics
Flare Remove the use of one sense from a target (such as blinding). vs Athletics.
Immobilize Prevent the target from moving. vs Will
Knock Back Send the target away by up to a zone. vs Athletics
Knock Over Target falls over (and must spend time in order to stand). vs Athletics.
Slow Target’s difficulty to change zones is increased by 2
Protection Armour Increase Armour of target. Choose Physical or Magical.
Barrier Gives the target a bonus to all rolls to evade a spell’s effects. Define via Level.
Block Spells passing through the Block receive a point of stress (but so does the Block).
Environmental Gives target resistance to challenges such as extremely low temperatures, tangling vines, or high air pressure.
Nullify Deal a point of stress to an active spell.
Ward Creatures cannot pass into and/or out of an area. vs Will.
Study Analyze Learn something useful about your foe. It should be something that it would be possible to exploit (although you may have already lost your chance) to avoid a fight, gain an advantage, etc. If the GM can’t think of anything, gain a free tag of an aspect against that foe
Commune (3) Choose one of the gods to contact and ask a single question. Answers will be brief and cannot predict the future. You will receive Virtue stress if they deem the question flippant.
Communicate Send or receive words and images to or from a target. Purchase again to allow both.
Learn Temporarily memorize a book, speak a language, et cetera
Locate Sense the direction of person or place. vs Trickery.
Lock On Focusses on a single target. Add Level to all rolls against that target.
Travel Call The target becomes aware that you need them and gains such a perfect understanding of your location that they can cast a Teleport to you without a circle at your location.
Flight Cause the target to hover above the ground. Purchase again for flight.
Movement Normally stationary target is granted the ability to move.
Speed Target with movement may cross multiple zones: 2, 4, 10, 20
Spider Can move over walls and ceilings without a challenge.
(Teleport is under Alteration).
Flaw Effects (worth negative 1/2)
Limitted Uses The spell can only be Triggered 6-20 times, 2-5, once.
Non-modifiable Extra shifts cannot be used.
Restricted (.5) Any one feature is limitted by certain conditions. ex) A “bleed” duration with halved Effects after the first round. A “splash” area with halved Effects on targets other than the main target. An illusion that appears to just one sense. A heal that can only work on stress. A ward that sounds an alarm instead of blocking completely.
Slow Cast 3 rounds, 10 or 1 min, 10 minutes, half an hour, an hour, three hours, eight hours, a day. If attacked while casting, roll Will vs attack to not fail cast.
Unchanging (.5) Normally variable feature must be exactly the same on every casting, e.g. summon the same creature or delay the same amount of time.
Unwieldy Presents some difficulty. ex) needs two hands, cannot be cast while moving
Whoops There is an unintended, detrimental effect which happens with some frequency (e.g. attack which heals the enemy on a miss, conceal which bursts a light source if someone is watching.

Fate Magic rules

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