Fate Core rules

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We’re using Fate Core for the base rules, and adding stunts and other extras (such as the Fate Magic rules) as necessary.

Because they are cheap and small, I have 3 copies of Fate Accelerated, into which I have inserted an explanation of the differences between the games. I am willing to lend these out but they are mostly for quick reference during games, since Fate Core is pay-what-you-like-including-free.

House Rules

There will be some house rules in play as well, which will also be included as inserts to the books:

Skill Wall

Rather than using the usual skill pyramid or skill ladder rules of Core FATE, you only need to support your highest skill with a ladder. In other words, although you can have any number of skills at any level – like pins tacked on a wall – there can never be a blank space in the supporting wall.

This prevents you from having any skill pass beyond your general level of capability, while leaving more flexibility in the other things you can do, and making advancement simpler. This is especially useful for games with short skill lists, as it reduces the concern of running out of supporting skills for your ladder or pyramid. It also significantly simplifies the decisions required for making a new character, which will be important for this game.


If an initiative roll is called because a player or NPC starts to make a move, then they get +2 to their roll. Additionally, no matter what that person rolls on their dice, no more than one person can act before them. If they roll the highest, they go first as normal. Otherwise, they get put into the initiative order immediately after the person who acts first.

This means that your skills matter, but so does the choice to act. It means that a character with fantastic reflexes cannot wait until someone holding a gun on them decides to shoot and still always be able to stop them from pulling the trigger.

Invoking Stunts

All “once per game” stunts may be invoked via a Fate Point, as many times as desired.

This is an extension of the Rule of Yes. I see no reason why the player can’t use it another time for a cost.

Fate Core rules

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