Creating Characters

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If you’ve looked into the Fate Core rules, you’ll know that Fate characters run on three main areas of interest: Aspects, Skills, and Stunts. All three can vary by setting, but Stunts tend to be the most setting-specific.

What I will want from you is this:

  • Your top three skills. If you like, you can designate one or two which is to be more important to your concept than the others. This gives me a signal about what you’re interested in playing, and these skills will be important to all characters, if not necessarily always the top three.
  • Two or three of your main personality traits or quirks. These can be in the form of aspects, but they don’t have to be, because they will likely change slightly from setting to setting anyway. For example, if you tell me that you want to be really loyal, then in one setting you might have an aspect “Family is Everything” and in another, “The Honour of the Grey Guard”.
  • Any ideas you have on setting-specific abilities. Don’t be too detailed here. I don’t need anything at all, but if you’re really gung-ho that you’d like to play around with a specific sort of superhero archetype, for example, then let me know. (You can’t be Iron Man, but I can make you a gadgeteer.)

I will give you your full character sheet and a setting write-up in advance of each game. (Hopefully at the end of the game prior, if I can stay that on-the-ball).


(Added after a question about this… I might fill in more of each sheet later)

Here is a fuller example of what you might give me and what I might return with. It is my intention that you will have lots of time to ask questions and make suggestions to get these more in line with your interests, but I will not be getting you to write up these details yourself, because otherwise I might spend all my time chasing people down to get me their stuff.

You might tell me: “I want to be an honest thief. Give me high Fighting and Stealth and Athletics.” I might return with something like this:


You’re a teleporter who got her powers when she came into contact with a mad-science device for researching electrons. You used your powers for your own gain for a couple of years until you got caught. Now you’re trying to make amends with the law, but it’s not always easy.

Aspects: Community Service, Everywhere at Once
Skills: (4) Athletics (3) Fighting, Rapport (2) Stealth, Burglary
Stunt: (Long description of teleporting super-power)
Stunt: Use Athletics instead of Stealth when avoiding being seen, if you have teleported within the last few rounds.


You’re an assassin with a strict code of ethics. You’ll take the highest rate of pay from anybody… but you’ll only kill people that your clients can prove to your satisfaction have killed someone else.

Aspects: Thou Shalt Not Kill, Shadows are my Friends
Skills: (4) Stealth (3) Burglary, Athletics (2) Fighting, Resources
Stunt: Use Stealth instead of Fighting to make an attack if you have not been spotted by your enemy.
Stunt: Add 2 to your Stealth rolls if you got yourself hidden yourself before your enemy came into the room, and you haven’t moved.

Creating Characters

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