Caldarra is what our world might have been like if magic worked as consistently and easily as it does in most fantasy settings. In this setting there are still only humans, but magic is a skill you can learn like any other, because it is widely understood and studied.

(Actually, I have another setting with this same name, which is significantly more complex. Consider this Caldarra Lite.)


Contrary to what the default Fate Magic rules say, modifiers can only be added at half effectiveness prior to rolling. After rolling, Shifts may only be spent on range, area and duration, and only to increase the scope of the step you are currently at, e.g. a spell with a duration of “hours” can go from 1 hour to 2, to 3, et cetera.

In addition, each spell blueprint requires certain steps from you in terms of guiding the spell. This may include one or more of the following:

  • Runic magic involves symbols that tell the spell what to do.
  • Circle magic places a physical limit on the magic’s area of influence.
  • Gesture magic shapes and directs the force with your hands.
  • Spoken magic directs the spell with tone and with words spoken in the language used only for that purpose.
  • Component magic gives the spell something physical to work with. (These are usually things like herbs, salt, metal, or feathers – all readily available in any magic store.)


Five Through Seven Parmeisan